AthenaStudies is an organization for and led by students with a strong focus on quality. We’ve built a team of top students from every discipline in order to guarantee the best tutor courses possible.

Our tutors followed the same course as you, so they know exactly how to pass the exam with a good grade. AthenaStudies does not focus on our personal grades, but on how we can make sure you are prepared as good as possible after following a course.

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

- Oscar Wilde  

How do we find our tutors?

We scout students with high grades to be a tutor. Next we set up in-depth interviews with everyone in order to check their social capabilities. The top students with the highest capability of transferring information and bridging the gap between their knowledge and the knowledge of the students following the course, will be selected to be an AthenaStudies tutor.

How do we ensure high quality?

After the selection procedure, all selected tutors follow an internal tutor program where we physically, in written form and over video, train them how to be the best possible tutor. All those steps are followed to ensure that our tutors are well prepared.

When a course has ended, all tutored students fill in an evaluation form with five questions, in order for us to analyse how a tutor truly performs. Every analysis will be discussed with the tutor, so the tutor can improve him – or herself every time.

Own written booklet

Every course will be guided with our own written booklet. This booklet is written by our tutors with great passion and consists of all information needed to pass the test. Since we do not want to practice with questions students have already seen, we decided to make our own practice questions, which will be similar to the questions they will be facing on the test.